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Hi, This is my game submision for the JamDNA 13

This is a 2d platformer turnbased puzzle made with unity3D.
I know it's a little bit short but i run out of time for making more levels. I still hope you enjoyed it. Give me feed back in comments, thx!!

Controls :

        AZERTY : 
                move : ZQSD

                jump left : A

                jump right : E

        QWERTY :

                 move : WASD

                jump left : Q

                jump right : E

Criteria :

Jump     ---     What is a platformer without jump

Purple   ---     See by yourself

Sound     ---     Some Sweaty SFX

Stealth    ---      Use sorcery to bypass enemies

Credits :

(All the resources are from me and Gromuf.)

Thanks for my friend Gromuf who helped me with music and level design.

Install instructions

Download > Unzip > Launch "Rush.exe"


Buildv1.1.zip 38 MB

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